A Call for PEACE

     MUDr. Andrej Janco
     Hovorca CHARTY 2015

A Call for Peace !
Citizens of Europe, do we really want a third world war?


    Fellow European citizens! „Our“ politicians want to prove how useful they are to the EU, NATO and the USA. They expect that their „tough stance“ against Russia will advance their careers to better-paid positions than they hold today. That is why they are falling over each other in proposing sanctions, sending out troopsand making other gestures of uncontrolled aggression against Russia, gestures by which they increase the risk of a third world war happening from day to day. They are so blinded by their own unchecked power and vision of its further growth that they are hoping that Russia will yield at the last moment to the pressure of the NATO and there will be no war.
    But to what is Russia supposed to yield? What is Russia supposed to do, so that they are satisfied? Is it supposed to forfeit its landand give it up to anyone who takes interest in it? THE TRUE GOAL of all those who want to cause war, whether they're from Europe or from across the ocean, is the Russian wealth. Is Russia supposed to give away its wealth to avoid war? Is it to terrorise its own citizens, like Ukraine? All who can think straight know that will never happen! Russia will never give in, it hasn't the past and will not do so in the future.
    It is obvious today that in the plans of its schemers, the war is not supposed to end with Ukraine, the main target is Russia, and war is to engulf the entire rest of Europe. What else can secure larger profits for the USA, and what can help the USA recover from the crisis faster than military production? What can more effectively eliminate the competition of the USA – in this case the EU and Russia – than a mutual massacre of entire European nations? What else can help the USA broaden the sphere of its influence more than post-war loans – following the tried-and-tested scenario of the Second World War?
    There is a real threat of a worldwide military conflict! In this context, think about which of your politicians has revealed to youthat after the acceptance of Ukraine into NATO and the involvement of the EU in the conflict, your children will be takenaway to the Eastern Front where they will very likely give up their lives? Which of your politicians will join them in the trenches? Which of these warmongers that you pay royally from your taxesand which of their accomplices from the media has revealed to you that this will not be just a triumphant journey to the East, but it will end up as the Third World War with nuclear weaponsinvolved? Who can predict the participation of China, who is the ally of Russia in this conflict? Who can evaluate the real strength of the American army, which up to now has always fought only against enemies that were weaker than them – it was the Russians that defeated Hitler! What do these warmongers even rely on?
    One thing is for sure, this war will have no winners! Where will you hide from nuclear blasts? Do you have a deep enough hole in the ground and enough rations to last 1000 years while the amount of radiation decreases to tolerable levels? In what name should your child die on the Eastern Front, in what name should your family perish, in what name should everything you know cease to exist, in what name should the world burn? In the name of democracy?
    Where do you see democracy in what is currently going on in Ukraine? We see only a blatantly fascist government, an army violating international conventions and a deliberate genocide of its own people, whose only fault is that they speak Russian. And how does Europe react? Can you imagine any other EU member fighting for its membership the way Ukraine does? Was Ukraine not an independent country, since it's allegedly fighting for independence? Did it have a government that the EU didn't approve of? Did the Ukrainians not have their national rights? The European Union abandoned its principles and with its stance it becomes a participant in the genocide. What can we, the EU citizens, expect from the EU, when it so quickly and readily undermines its core values?
    Russians are a great, cultured and mighty nation, without which Europe would never exist in its current form. 

    RUSSIA IS NOT OUR ENEMY, the enemy of every European citizen are greedy politicians, who are about to destroy everything we hold dear in order to gain power and money.
    Can we prevent the forthcoming war with Russia, which we are being pressured into by the politicians and the corrupt media? Yes, we can!
    What can ordinary, little people accomplish? When all who are small and weak are doing the same thing, they can change everything! We can change it, because we must!
    Let us boycott the politicians who raise tensions, who call for more sanctions, for an intervention against Russia! Let us boycott them on all levels, in all elections! Let us not allow them to spread more evil! Let us boycott the integration of Ukraine into theNATO! Let us boycott the media, which are painting the idea thatthe war is the only possible solution!
    Have faith! The Russians and the Ukrainians are two wise nations, who will find a solution.

Spread this message through all your available channels, in all the languages you can!